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Kiirtan Caballero
11 songs



Kiirtan Caballero is the 7th of 8 solo albums by Orlando Morales. The album's only lyric is the universal mantra "Baba Nam Kevalam" which translates from Sanscrit to English as ''the name of my Beloved is everything" The melodies closely can be described as chanting, but not really, the music is decidedly western in nature. Orlando Morales is accompanied by his good musical friend Noel Paz who sings, plays guitar, synth, bass, drums, wrote 2 songs and engineered the album. Orlando Morales sings, played guitar, traps, gongas, and wrote all but two of the melodies. Listen to song samples
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Internally Eternally
16 songs


Internally Eternally is a compilation of songs from 1979 to 1996. The title song "Internally Eternally" was taken from "Follow The Brown Man" album recorded in 1984 in Palo Alto, Ca. and recorded by Neil Janklow. Songs are from the following albums: "The Master Has Come" 1979, "Follow The Brown Man" 1984, "The Blue Void" 1987, engineered by J.P. McClellan, and "Kiirtan Caballero" recorded 1993 engineered by Noel Paz, and lastly "The Never Ending Path Of Love" 1994 engineered by Jan Hagglund. Listen to song samples
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Dreamer Makes His Escape
9 songs

Dreamer Makes His Escape is Orlando Morales 6th of 8 solo albums. It was conceived and recorded in 1992. It was engineered by J.P. McClellan. Orlando plays guitar, traps, congas, sings and wrote all of the abums songs Orlando is accompanied by Robbie Link on standup bass. Listen to song samples

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The Haymarket Riot. 1968
45 rpm, Sunny Day Song. 1968
The Master Has Come. 1979
Follow the Brown Man. 1984
The Longest Dream. 1984
The Blue Void. 1989
The Never Ending Path of Love. 1994
North Becomes South (Morales, Paz, Bagby). 1991
and drummer on LeScott's Bill Evans Memorial Songbook & drummer/percussionist on the album Vestido de Luna. 1990