NEW RELEASE Dalai Lama Come Back Home
1 Dalai Lama Come Back Home
2 Look What You Do To My Music
3 Lotus In The Crown
4 Rowing
5 Daughters of God
6 Pearl Of Love
7 Soldiers Speak Out
8 I Looked Into The Sky
9 Fields Of Fiesch
10 Kiirtan de Las Pulgas
11 Bitter Struggle
12 Mrs. Moonlight 
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The Dalai Lama Come Back Home song follows a tradition of songs written by Orlando Morales which are in a social context. Morales wrote "City of The Peaches" in 1984 while working at the Atlanta Community Food Bank while the racial killings in the early 1980's went on in Atlanta.
Morales also wrote "Year 2010" in 1984 a hopeful song of world change and peace.
Orlando also recorded the anti war song "Soldiers Speak Out" for the new film of Oscar winner Barbara Trent and the Empowerment Project. (The Panama Deception)

DLCBH represents and portrays the hopeful reunion between the Tibetan people and their beloved spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.
The other selections on the album range from upbeat latin flavored love songs "Look What You Do To My Music" to spiritually oriented "Lotus In The Crown". Orlando Morales is accompanied by a host of musical friends of talent.
Robbie Link plays standup bass and cello on the album. Link has appeared on two other albums, "The Blue Void" and "Dreamer Makes His Escape"
Jim Beckwith appears for the first time with Morales, playing 6 string bass adding a different dimension to the music. Beckwith mixed all of the album and was the engineer on four of the tracks.
The 3rd bass player appearing on one song is his old friend Jan Hagglund, former cellist with the Stockholm Symphony. Hagglund plays on"Kiirtan de Las Pulgas". Hagglund was the engineer on the 5th album released "The Never Ending Path Of Love'
David McKnight veteran Ninth Street Durham violin player adds his own classical yet down home feel to Morales's music.
Lastly Dennis Freese aka "Straggler Lemming" plays exquisite clarinet on "Fields of Fiesch" Freese has played on "The Longest Dream" and "Follow The Brown Man" both recorded in 1984. Freese will be appearing on Morales' next release "Brahma Krpahi Kevalam" a devotional album with Baba Nam Kevalam renditions scheduled for release in the spring of 2006.